About Us   A clean building shows good character... what does your current janitorial service portray to your customers? Tersus is a family-owned business, ensuring a healthy and clean workplace.  We work hard in ensuring that each building we clean has a welcoming feel and quality that meets our customers’ satisfaction.  Tersus takes pride in the quality of our work, guaranteeing that we meet our customers’ needs.  There is nothing more important to us than to maintain the day-to-day appearance of your businesses.  We ensure that our customers can focus on running a successful business, and not lose focus because their building is unclean and unsanitary.  Upon arrival to work the next morning you are guaranteed to return to a comfortable and clean environment. We are very strict on our policy of double checking our work.  Therefore, after workers are done cleaning each building, they are to do another sweep around the building to make sure nothing is forgotten or done incorrectly. Tersus is also affordable in price.  We price our services lower than many other janitorial services, considering the satisfaction of our customers. Dependability is an important aspect in keeping our customers satisfied.  We make certain that we are on time, and utilize our time wisely and in a professional manner.  In case of absences, we have a back up team to cover the work to avoid a “no show.” We can reassure you that we are about the quality of work, what is affordable to our customers, and being dependable.  You can trust that we will strive to meet your needs.