Free Carpet Cleaning Keeps indoor contaminants such as dirt, entry ways, mats, high traffic areas, etc. under control throughout the year. Free Exterior & Interior Window Cleaning Cleaning your windows will help to protect them from the elements while reducing decay. Free Stripping & Waxing Protect your floor from further imperfections such as grooves and ridges and avoid the embarrassment of having dull and grimy floors. A clean building shows good character... What does your current janitorial service portray to your customers? Walking into a clean building is comforting and welcoming.  The appearance and environment in your building is important to maintain to keep people, whether employees or customers, safe and healthy.  Tersus can provide the services you need to ensure a healthy work environment.  Quality, affordable, and dependable defines Tersus Commercial Cleaning Company.  We make every effort to meet all of our customers’ needs whether it is the appearance of the workplace, double checking our work, pricing that is much lower than other janitorial services, coming in to work at the times that best suites our customers, and by being honest and hard workers. Tersus is trustworthy and we keep our promises, because the first impression is always the most memorable.  So, let us lay a solid foundation to your business success in the cleanliness of your building. A clean building shows good character... what does your current janitorial service portray to your customers? We Specialize In... Office Cleaning Window Cleaning Carpet Cleaning Floor Buffing Floor Stripping & Sealing Commercial Cleaning Event Detailing And More... Best Price Guarantee Our premium service, pride of workmanship, and persistent attention to detail add up to superior service that provides lasting value for your company. If you find a lower price, we'll match it or beat it guaranteed.